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QuestionI’m a genie now! You have 3 wishes, what are they? 😂 🪔

Rules: Can’t ask for unlimited wishes, make someone fall in love with you or kill someone

YxngAndrea 1mo 20 read


DabBoi_x on Twitch Candidate Master 1mo 60 Selected Score
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I can't wish for unlimited wishes but I can wish for more wishes?

CaneloAsylum Beginner 1mo 7 Selected Score

1. Give me a lot a chakra & ninjustu 2. Just give me a nice cute ass wife , 3. Kill off all the Kevin's,karens & boomers😂

Mr Bing Bong Beginner 1mo 8 Selected Score

Stop the simps Stop the simps And Stop the simps

♡eRemSpillsTea♡ Candidate Master 1mo 86 Selected Score

to be able to speak spanish to get better at siege one of the best r6 players in the wrld


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