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QuestionWhy do people do it?

So many kids are trying to find gf on this app, and well I doubt that it is actually working, but if in fact that i am wrong and it does work, I am going to put up a test (sorry that it is so long, your not ganna finish this are you?) And see if it actually works. So I'm 16, I am "looking" for someone around 15-18, and why do i even have stuff like that picked out, I mean no one's ganna finish reading this or even respond to it saying that they want me as their be, so I'll just stop here.

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As soon as I met some friends on this app I got asked " So why are you on moot it's a dating app " I was so confused 😂

NaughtyTwizzler Candidate Master 1mo 64 Selected Score

Hmmmm either 1 this is a genuine test or 2 this is you covering because you actually want to try to get a gf on this app Bc you are one of those but to make people believe you aren’t you wrote all that to try and make you seem more appealing because people will think you’re “different”

A little kid Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score

i'mma boy but if u want to b friends then sure :SandmanSacto is mu username


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