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QuestionAny gamer girls that want to play rainbow with me and my friends your welcome to we play on ps4

Psn Colelen10

Cryo Ash 1mo 29 read


Egirl Zoe Grand Master 1mo 3,286 Selected Score
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Mmmm idk, I’ve played with a lot of people and they usually pressure me to talk 24/7 like give me a break bro. Just cause they want to hear my voice probably lol, creepy

Laurelene Candidate Master 1mo 70 Selected Score

I would believe that, but the harassment and simping online kinda tell me otherwise... It's ok, I can forgive that. I would play with you guys sometime but I play on PC, can't use a mic and already have someone, that basically deems me uninteresting to play with.

Silent Siege Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Because we like to have a mixture of who were talking too, and its nice to have friends who are guys and friends who are girls

CherryCherryPie Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Why does everyone wants girls


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