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QuestionIf u had million dollars wut would u do

ezio43creed 7mo 38 read


dTe VibeZ Beginner 7mo 9 Selected Score

Spen it on potato

xd snuggy Beginner 7mo 0 Selected Score

Give 10% to church, Give some to charity, and then maybe help out my papa and granny then spend the rest all on myself

HaloSkate77 Beginner 7mo 7 Selected Score

Give it to charity and the homeless

BN_XxNOSCOPExX Beginner 7mo 9 Selected Score

Buy bubblegum

HoodRich Moot Master 7mo 168 Selected Score

Nothing, already got a mil

Hazardgamer666 Candidate Master 7mo 40 Selected Score

I would buy good electric equipment like phones, headsets etc for me and my friends and save the rest for another time

FALLOUTNME Beginner 7mo 1 Selected Score

Create a business for all to get rich with me lol πŸ˜† seriously

ezio43creed Beginner 7mo 2 Selected Score

I would just give it away to homeless people

NO NAME 7mo 0 Selected Score

Put most of it into stocks

xJazzmanianDevil Beginner 7mo 30 Selected Score

Tacos for dayz

StepSister❀ Grand Master 7mo 3,196 Selected Score

Buy a house And invest the other

Frankie8639 Beginner 7mo 0 Selected Score

Buy everything


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