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QuestionDoes ignoring a villager really lead them to leave?

New player here! I’ve read online that ignoring a villager can eventually lead them to leave, but there is lots of various articles with different pieces of information..so I’m wondering what’s legitimate. Will ignoring them lead them to leave? How long does it take? How do you know when they’re planning on leaving? Any tips or additional info would be much appreciated :)

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Not really but the will eventually get the thought of leaving.

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I talk to all my villagers everyday and sometimes they still leave. /:

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It is actually chosen at random. It’s a weird, somewhat complex system. If you talk to every villager BUT them, they will most likely leave after 10-14 days. You will see a thought bubble and they’ll ask if they should leave. There is a slight chance another villager will get the thought bubble instead though. Your best bet is talking to all but the one you want to leave, then time travel 14 days. (Make sure there’s no events on that day)


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