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QuestionZofia or Ash

your opinion?

INFINITY8 5mo 29 read


Hazardgamer666 Candidate Master 5mo 40 Selected Score
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Ash can only breach soft walls, zofia can breach soft walls and has concussion grenades. Zofia has the biggest mag gun in the game, she can also revive herself unlike ash. The only thing ash has against zofia is the speed and maybe the gun choice. If you’re talking about the ability then use zofia

ZestyDragon507 Beginner 5mo 4 Selected Score

Zofia, because of extra utility, & her gun. I really like Ash, because of the R4, & the ability to be able to rush, but as an overall, Zofia is just more powerful.

Laurelene Candidate Master 5mo 76 Selected Score

Zofia. The extra utility makes all the difference. Plus she can revive herself.

Finsfast021 Beginner 5mo 5 Selected Score

Ash by far best attacking operator in the game best rush op and has one of the best guns in the game and overall is just OP 😂

StepSister❤ Grand Master 5mo 3,257 Selected Score


Duddyboi Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

I like Zofia a lot, good amount of utility and pretty useful, her assault rifle is one of my favourites and her side arm is my #1, I love the reticle on it. With access to acog she takes the place on top, sorry ash. I’ve got

INFINITY8 Moot Master 5mo 184 Selected Score

For me Zofia pretty much all the way but I'm curious


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