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QuestionHave any tips to get more bells?

Plz I’m broke

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Two things I find useful if you don’t already do them: 1. Make & sell hot item of the day multiple times 2. Exchange nook miles for bell vouchers There’s probably more ways to do so, but I’m very new to the game so just using current knowledge..

daarksunshinee Beginner 5mo 3 Selected Score

Hi again! I just found two new ways to make more bells.. but it depends on whether or not you have the same DIY recipes right now: A leaf umbrella (needs DIY recipe) sells for 300 bells and it uses 15 clumps of weeds to make.. whereas 15 clumps of weed only sells for 150 bells. Also, coconut juice (needs DIY recipe) sells for 500 bells and uses 1 coconut whereas a single coconut sells for 250 bells. Just an example how making some DIY recipes and selling them can be more beneficial than selling the materials! Hope it helps. :)


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