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QuestionWhat rank do you people think makes you “Decent”

I’m trying to get there lmao

Alex128803 7d 17 read


Egirl Zoe International Master 7d 1,142 Selected Score
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Gold is probably average. So try and get to plat

Death drone Beginner 7d 5 Selected Score

To me if you can hit about silver 1 your decent when you get to gold 2 i would call u above average but i havent even hit silver before

Thr0aTy Beginner 7d 1 Selected Score

If you get Silver 1 I would say you are 'Decent' but Gold is where you can call yourself decent. If you want to be above average get to Platinum

Fudge_ Beginner 7d 6 Selected Score

high silver is the median of the ranks and most people are in high silver (according to the graph on r6) so that would be average

Step Bro Dame Candidate Master 7d 92 Selected Score

Decent is low Gold, good is high Plat, and Godly is Diamond+

Alex128803 Beginner 7d 23 Selected Score

Personally I think it’s mid bronze to low silver


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