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QuestionWho is the most overpowered operator?

Personally I think it’s Melusi

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Mmm I think Tachanka ngl

Death drone Beginner 14d 5 Selected Score

I think its blitz because he has 4 shocks and the range on them is still way to long also if he has a sheild they should put the damage on the gun down a tiny bit.

Cartgr Beginner 14d 0 Selected Score

If I'm honest I don't think that there really is a massively overpowered op as ubi made sure that most ops are similar in strength

Frost1420 Beginner 15d 5 Selected Score

Thatcher and thermite are essential parts of every team, great guns, great gadgets they aren’t exactly overpowered but if you don’t have them on your team you make the round a lot harder on yourselves

XxparadoxX3256 Beginner 15d 0 Selected Score

I'm good wit maveric or well I was until I got a new xbox and couldn't play it any more bc me and my brother shared a acc

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Egirl Zoe International Master 15d 1,728 Selected Score

Or Blackbeard. He’s a pain to deal with


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