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QuestionBest attachment skin

What’s the best attachment skin (more of replies of the same color will be the winner)

XR1 Frezy 15d 15 read


Fudge_ Beginner 15d 6 Selected Score

Depends on your skin, but if you want the best combo, I think its black ice and gray/white skin

FlameReaper89 Beginner 15d 3 Selected Score

Depends on the weapon skin it is better if the skins match

NO NAME 15d 0 Selected Score

i love purple

echo _ Beginner 15d 0 Selected Score

Elaphant black faze charm

Forester284 Candidate Master 15d 96 Selected Score

Black is beautiful.

J4romit24 Beginner 15d 19 Selected Score

Usually brown... depending on the weapon skin

Laundromatt Beginner 15d 1 Selected Score

with black ice, light grey....


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