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QuestionIs it just me or do girls go through this everyday and why does this happen ?

So me and my girlfriend we’re playing call of duty Warzone or multiplayer and once they hear a girl on the mic “oh shit a girl” , “damn how are you today” , “leave your bf and come join us” , “go back to the kitchen” like wtf we’re just trying to enjoy the game and unlock Camos and have fun and people just come in and interrupt us and there’s so weird creeps that hit on her , we’re 15 and the deal that people are likes this really sucks , sorry for such a long rant but thanks for reading :)

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Egirl Zoe International Master 14d 1,658 Selected Score
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It took you a really long time to figure this out lol. I just mute my mic unless I’m in a ps4 party with friends.

Laurelene Candidate Master 14d 62 Selected Score

Yes, pretty much that unfortunately... I can't use a mic and get people like that still way too often... The only thing I can do is mute and/or ignore.

Ali Is Ok Beginner 14d 21 Selected Score

Well it's nothing new, I just pull out the gay card most of the time tho😂 but that sometimes backfires so I pull the bitch card instead

♡Christa♡ Beginner 14d 31 Selected Score

Yeah happens most of the time... I would say it’s either guys trying to be funny about it (and failing) or just being thirsty. When I tried to play siege about a year ago some games people would kill me after hearing my voice 😂

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It be like that as they thirsty

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