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QuestionIs Warden a good op or a bad op

In my opinion he is a good op but his ability never gets used

Floppy 3d 11 read


InSaiyan Moot Master 3d 365 Selected Score
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A okay op but people just don't know what to do with him

FlameReaper89 Beginner 3d 2 Selected Score

Warden was good when ying had 4 cluster flash grenades

Ragi bogi Beginner 3d 0 Selected Score

Good one

sTil_Spyder Beginner 3d 0 Selected Score

Honestly Warden is a good operator with decent guns but the gadget itself is the problem. My Warden rework concept goes like this, Warden’s ability work the same way it does right now but Warden hands it out at the beginning of a round and Warden has to activate it in order for the gadget to turn on instead of people thinking it should be a passive, but maybe change that Warden has to stand still to see through smoke, but yeah I think Warden should get something like the P90 or Mozzie’s P-10 Roni cause those are guns people don’t use often but Warden should get his impact grenades back for his deplorable shield cause no one uses that thing and Warden was intended to be an anchor so I think it’s fitting to maybe turn him into a 3 armour again or keep him as a 2 armour. Sorry for me going on a rant it just happens

gamer157522960 Beginner 3d 0 Selected Score

He ass

TheTurtleKat Beginner 3d 0 Selected Score

In the middle. His ability is almost never used but he is fun to play

Wadeeyt Beginner 3d 0 Selected Score

Hey is alright but can be bad

Kittencrush7 Beginner 3d 0 Selected Score

It’s kind of hard to play warden


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