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QuestionWhy do people use the QnA section as an lfg section?


IzFudge 1mo 19 read


Laurelene Candidate Master 1mo 70 Selected Score

It's a lost cause... Using Q&A as a LFG instead of the actual LFG system and using Moot as a dating app... No matter how many times they are told about it.

walloffire8808 Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Can some one play rainbow six seige with me pls

InSaiyan Moot Master 1mo 383 Selected Score

Because they either don't follow the moot guide or moot don't do a good job of introducing them.

Vιɳɳιƙ (T.H.U.C.) Beginner 1mo 6 Selected Score

Oh because they are braindead and forget the MAIN FEATURE of this app

Vιɳɳιƙ (T.H.U.C.) Beginner 1mo 6 Selected Score



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