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QuestionNeed some help learning in dead by daylight

PSN: SamoanChampion1

Lucid Sin 8mo 71 read


No name 8mo 0 Selected Score
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I can help you out 💞

Sairen Beginner 7mo 1 Selected Score

I can help on the killer side of things

Calmsine Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

Sure I can help, o have over fifty hours in the game

Cryptic_Calavera Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

Watching videos will only get you so far. If you want help pm and I can teach you

xKkhindx Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

Watch noob3,ussylis and ayruns vids theyll help u out

InSaiyan Moot Master 8mo 385 Selected Score

Your best friend for that will be youtube.


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