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QuestionThose of you who are rank 1, do you care about rank?

Personally, once I got rank 1 once I never cared about rank anymore considering there is reward or anything.

HomelessTuna 8mo 92 read


NO NAME 8mo 0 Selected Score
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Lol I’m rank 20. Did you get rank 1 for both survivor and killer?

Sairen Beginner 7mo 1 Selected Score

I hate being a red rank so much

Cryptic_Calavera Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

Not at all I've seen people with less than 48 hours become rank 1. In the end rank doesn't matter

Bucket. Beginner 8mo 8 Selected Score

Rank really only shows how much you play, and half the time it doesn't even put you up against people the same rank


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