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Just curious, who's everyone's mains on dbd? I wanna know the dtmetails aswell, why are they your main? Feel free to be as descriptive as you want!

BannedLearner88 5mo 98 read


BN_XxNOSCOPExX Beginner 5mo 9 Selected Score

Ghost face

ConcussiionPlayz Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

Freddy, Doc, Legion, Pig

HadesUncanny Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

Huntress, Doctor, Pyramid Head. Yes I know that Pyramid Head just came out but I've gotta say I've taken out quite a few survivors with him. Huntress is an easy explanation. She throws axes. Takes a bit to figure it out but shes great, even with her humming. Just makes it creepy. Doctor, he shocks people into seeing him everywhere and you can see them in the area when you use his ability. Also you can slow people down with shock treatment. Pyramid Head I just like that I can leave trails wherever I want or even fling it at a survivor. Just also really like the sound of his sword dragging on the ground.

Tazzie_388 Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

I know it’s kinda aids, but Meg/legion. 🤷‍♂️

Calmsine Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

Jake/ghost face

Cryptic_Calavera Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score


HomelessTuna Beginner 5mo 2 Selected Score

Kate / Ghostface

Swetythebob Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

Bill and Hillbilly/clown

ImpulsedHeart Beginner 5mo 1 Selected Score


☆Kerne49☆ Beginner 5mo 31 Selected Score

Shape with the sharpshooter

Bryn Forsyth Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score



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