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Questionbest defender ?

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Donaviik Beginner 4mo 1 Selected Score
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Depends sorely on the roles your team might be playing. If you're support, Doc is one the top support ops on defense due to the amount of damage he can tank, his healing abilities, and the MP5 Acog that is a laser. (Another good support op would be Maestro, Valkyrie, orEcho due to the amount of intel) If its traps, lesion is the top pick sorely because his traps are impossible to see sometimes if placed correctly and the effect they have is astounding and gives the defenders a huge advantage. Intel ops like maestro, echo, mozzie, and Valk are amazing at what they do unless theres no comms between the team itself. And lastly if you're a heavy fragger or Roamer, Vigil, Ela, Cav, Jager, Bandit, pulse, and Alibi are incredibly powerful in the right hands due to some of the intel they can offer, the utility they bring to the table, their speed, and the overwhelming weapons they bring to the table. It's not just about one singular op on defense, it's about the combination of defenders you bring that support one another.

zayden mayer yt Beginner 3mo 0 Selected Score

hard question

R6player Beginner 4mo 2 Selected Score

Doc because he’s basically the only op that can heal I know finka can heal but to me she is only used to revive from a far distance

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Faze_Graves Beginner 4mo 0 Selected Score

Valk or bandit i wish i had black ice for mp7 tho

Blade_OwOg Beginner 4mo 6 Selected Score

Mute is a solid pick if you master his SMG-11 alongside his shotgun. The amount of information and breaching denial he brings is amazing, 2 speed 2 armour is a great balance, alowwing you to roam after placing down your jammers or whatever playstyle you choose. Smoke is basically the same but focusing on area denial more than info. Jäger is also a great pick even after the recent nerf, due to his kit, gadget and versatility. Besides ADS placement he doesn't require much skill as his 416 has low recoil, 30 rounds and a decent fire rate. Both GIGN operators offer a huge fragging potential due to their ACOGs, albeit at a slower pace... Tired of typing, here are some more: Lesion (works well anywhere) Mira (niche but powerful gadget) Mozzie (no need for explaining this one) Valk (Information gud) Castle (in the right hands he can lock up an entire area, waste enemy's time and resources and not bother his team; but his UMP is underwhelming) Goyo (same reason as castle; but he has the Vector) There's no "best defender". They are all viable to some extent and benefit alot from a balanced team composition and tactic. It's better to see which fits your playstyle the most and stick to them.

Fortnitesad69420 Beginner 4mo 0 Selected Score

I like Goyo his guns are good and he is pretty balanced

Twpin Beginner 4mo 4 Selected Score

maestro lost his acog, but i say lesion because you can place gus down when roaming or anchoring which allows you to know where the opponent is.

RedElitePro Beginner 4mo 3 Selected Score

Tachanka so good there giving him a Nerf

Sequence_ Beginner 4mo 1 Selected Score

Lord Tachanka will always be the best, hope they don’t ruin him in this rumored rework.

Purge Beginner 4mo 9 Selected Score

In the earlier state of the game. I definitely would be said Maestro. 81 bullets, high fire rate, ACOG, good ability and easy to control recoil. Right now, the best team based operator would be Echo/Valkyrie in my opinion. If used properly, they can be deadly. If you're talking about solo operators, Mozzie and Kaid have to be up there. Mozzie has a shotgun, Nitro, solid Smgs, and a good info ability that you can amplify your roaming capabilities with. Kaid has a sniper shotgun with ACOG, a solid Smg with 32 rounds and an ability better than bandits in some people's eyes and a nitro cell

Lars_W Beginner 4mo 4 Selected Score

uhmmm I'd say valkyrie or echo (if played right)


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