QuestionWhat are the requirements to get verified?????


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The minimum requirement is 1,000 followers before applying to be mootified. (unsure if this number has remained the same, and if this application is how to apply) 🙂 https://moot.us/lounges/5/boards/13/posts/758530/introducing-the-moot-verified-badge

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Maxi answered it perfectly

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Have a 2 year minimum degree in wumbology.

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You praise the grand wizard Smiggs by sending gifts of love, such as heart cut outs of paper, love letters, chocolates, and potions. Only then will he send his owl of invitation with your name in it to the admins of moot, where it is voted on and approved/ denied.

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I don't know the criteria. I have a 500+ Day moot Streak and Reported/Helped fix a Coin Streak Bug by providing a lot of feedback as they worked to fix it. I'd Submitted Twice. Finally got it.

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I've heard you have to have like 1,000 followers, are active daily, etc..

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I've tried contacting mods about that but got no answer.