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I think that the girls playing r6 are a little bit too toxic like I play with one I carried the game and got kicked for no reason ( it's the 3rd time) and I didn't say anything offensive the only thing that could pissed her is that I said to concentrate on the game bcs she was at 0 kills ...idk maybe the problem is me 🤷🏻‍♂️

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You got a point here ... I mean many points I wrote the q after I was kicked so it's surely reflects my frustrations after being kicked and one of the most dumb things I wrote in my life I'm sorry if it offended you, I just want to clear one thing the " kick for not clutching" and the" calling me bot " is equivalent for boys and girls trust I had my fair amount of kicks and I'm still sorry if my q offended you ( I will think twice before I write smth 😖)

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Don't generalize please. Want my list? - Kicked for no reason. - Kicked for being a girl. - Kicked for not clutching. - Team killed for being a girl. - Team killed for picking new operators. - Team killed for accidents. Even though I say sorry. - Harassed for being a girl. - Harassed for "toe pics". - Harassed for social media contacts. - Called a good list of names, from "bot" up to some really messed up crap. (...) And after all that I still play the game for fun and I'm still not toxic. Now... who gets it worse? You just got kicked. It's no big deal. Just play the next match and have fun.

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And don't get me started on the weird flexs or the weird shit I heard... I lost fate humanity

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Im not saying they are bad at the game my problem is that I got kicked for 0 reason

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Its not every girls bcs my ex is playing r6 and she’s plat 1

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Girls don't even exist.


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