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QuestionI’m a gold player - need tips

I just climbed out of silver to ~2200 sr and I think I’m plateauing again. I flex tank to everyone but monkey and dva and my dps is pretty much everyone but genji doom and tracer. I’m meh at hitscan. Any suggestions to improve on what I got?

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Zestt Candidate Master 1mo 115 Selected Score

KAVE5 is a good code in game creator (customs) to practice aim. It’s not much for game sense but for aim in different scenarios. You can google codes so you can practice other stuff. Ex. 1v1 a rein programmed by people in top500

Starvaz a qt Beginner 1mo 2 Selected Score

I main mcree and widowmaker and they pretty much helped me. The way I improved was firing range. If you wanna try and improve on DPS, in my opinion, I strongly recommend using hitscans in ranked since they can do insane damage if you can hitshots! Also if you can get a zenyatta on your team that would be good since you can get good picks with his discord!

MrEdiblez Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Try and main a dive tank like dva or winston but try to main one less tank so you can put more time into dva and winston. You can then coordinate dives with your team and be a nuisance against Reinhardt a and Orisas as they have little mobility

Sunflower Beginner 1mo 4 Selected Score

try to at least 2 stack. Constantly combo ultimates like grav blade to win team fights. Try to find good healers that can help your team stay alive and make sure you can make callouts to your team so they know what's going on

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