QuestionWhat’s one thing people will never know about you just by looking at you?

Tony C 1year 187 read


XxSupa_WolfxX Beginner 1year 1 Selected Score
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That i game they think cuz of the way i dress im not a gamer 🤣

lemonbbyy Beginner 1year 4 Selected Score

whenever i tell people i game they have the most shocked expression.

DᴀʀᴋLɪɴᴋ Beginner 1year 5 Selected Score

That I’m a gamer

RainNanners Beginner 1year 11 Selected Score

That I have a wonderful eye for photography.

Ankehou Beginner 1year 2 Selected Score

Who is this dork, and why are they looking at me.

KingOflce Beginner 1year 17 Selected Score

How badly I need to poop

Snowy:) Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

I’m unfunny

Joselito Lugo Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score


Yorpasores Rex Beginner 1year 7 Selected Score

That I am bi