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QuestionTo reset my island, or not to reset my island. That is the question.

The title basically says it. If anyone has done it after getting KK and all the shop/museum upgrades I’d love to here your pros/cons of resetting because I feel stuck with trying to get my island how I desire and I feel that a new layout would spark some better creativity....but the grind to get back to KK AND TERRAFORMING (。ŏ﹏ŏ) anyway if anyone wants to convince me to do it or not do it nows your chance or forever hold your piece (or is it peace? Idk)

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I did this and it honestly did spark my creativity and I got a whole new map layout in terms of my beaches, rocks and river endings and I love them way more than my first island

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I reset a little over a month ago, I think. Pros: * getting a chance to do things right from the getgo, such as in donating all your first catches to the museum, laying out paths early on and setting up your town exactly how you know you'll want it * Everything is fresh and new! New villagers, new PWP's, you name it! * Feeling excited to sit and play for hours every day again. * Choosing the perfect town layout Cons: * Losing everything Personally, resetting was the best thing I did in ACNL in a very long time. I was jaded with my old town. That said, there are some things about resetting I would have done differently. I've become MUCH more active in the trading and turnip communities since resetting, and if I could go back in time, I would have donated all my money and furniture sets, as well as a number of other rare things I had. I now have a greater appreciation for everything in the game. So, that's my opinion. There's a lot of reasons to keep your town but there are a ton of reasons to restart if the game just doesn't feel the same anymore.

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I say no cause then you lose all that progress


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