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QuestionWho's the best survivor and why?

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Herky Berky Beginner 9mo 7 Selected Score

Jane. She thick

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Jane. She thick 
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YeetoBandito Beginner 9mo 1 Selected Score

Ace Visconti. He do the epic finger guns.

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Survivormain213 Beginner 9mo 0 Selected Score

Each survivor build depends on which perks your using. Me personally is sprint burst, vigil, fixated, urban evasion with a med kit gel dressings and bandages. It's an infinite sprint burst build. If your looking to use more than one exhaustion perk, always run vugil so you can keep going. I tell good builds for survivor and killer. Message me and I'll tell

Gotnokills403 Beginner 9mo 0 Selected Score

A baby dweet

L201uk Beginner 9mo 2 Selected Score

I dont think survivors are good, their Perks definetly are! Like from Perks i Would Say the Most likely Meta Charakter is Meg Thomas With Sprintburst and Adrenalin, but William With Borrow Time and Unbrakeable is also a good choice.

Strivrr (Krankified) Beginner 9mo 1 Selected Score

Survivors are all really the same, they are differentiated by their perks. Now depending on what kind of player you are, you’ll have different opinions. I definitely believe Claudette is the strongest team player with her Empathy and Botany, closely followed by Bill due to his Unbreakable and Borrowed Time. However, a solo queuing survivor would probably be more likely to use Nea’s perks. These being Streetwise to extend the usage of your item, Balanced Landing to make distance during a chase, and Urban Evasion to stay immersed.


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