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QuestionIs Time Traveling regulated when you go online?

When I go to another person’s island, are they able to have a different time and date than in reality? For instance, if I time travelled to Christmas, what would the server do if I tried to open up my island/visit someone else’s?

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DomTheSloth Beginner 15d 1 Selected Score
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Toxic_Panda Beginner 14d 0 Selected Score

The time will stay the same on your island if someone visits and if you visit someone island on Christmas it will still be Christmas there

KingWag Beginner 17d 5 Selected Score

It’s just based on whoever’s island it is

Vumple Beginner 17d 0 Selected Score

I’m pretty sure it’s island based. If you were to go to someone else’s, if assume it would be their time.

Yoshie 360 Beginner 17d 5 Selected Score

If it was Christmas on your island, for anyone who visits it will be Christmas for them as well


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