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QuestionWhat is your fav weapon loudout?

NikoTheRam17 1year 304 read


Bondunkulus Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

Kraber and whatever I find on the ground

Gtrix274 Beginner 6mo 0 Selected Score

Tactical: Stim or Phase Shift Ordnance: Firestar Primary: Eva-8 Secondary: Wingman Anti-Titan: Thunderbolt Kit 1: Phase Embark Kit 2: Low Profile Execution: Grand Theft Semi-Auto Boost: Battery Backup Titan: Scorch

StarDorkJr Beginner 7mo 0 Selected Score

CAR SMG is still one of my fav primaries.

MX sherwood Beginner 9mo 0 Selected Score

Wingman elite and wingman

KiritoPlayer102 Beginner 9mo 0 Selected Score

I love all the guns and loadouts in TF2 but I gotta say that the volt is still my bae

Xboxgamer1289 Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

Ability: Stim Weapons: Alternater, Re-45, Smart pistol Tactical: Firestar Perks: Fast Regen, Hover Execution: Shadow Boxing Titan: Scorch (Titan perks may varie) (Feel free to copy loudout)

NO NAME 1year 0 Selected Score

Phase shift, mastiff, p20 and firestar

Frostbyte1 Beginner 1year 1 Selected Score

R-101, MGL, and Wingman with Grapple

crazyearl_ Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

Alternator stim

Sugoirori_ Candidate Master 1year 81 Selected Score

My weapon load out is safe in my pants

WeirdoMinty Beginner 1year 6 Selected Score



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