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QuestionWould you recommend the tv series?

I want to watch it but I don’t want to be disappointed so I though I’d ask

Darshoc (Darshy) ™ 1year 99 read


Minedset Candidate Master 1year 40 Selected Score
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Yes I would, if you played the games you'll recognize the characters but the story itself is based on the books. But it's a great series.

RainNanners Beginner 1year 11 Selected Score

As a long time fan of The Witcher books, and games.. I highly recommend it. Henry Cavil does a phenomenal job as Geralt, and the other supporting cast is amazing as well.

AmazinDoggo Beginner 1year 2 Selected Score

I don’t know what it is but sure I would recommend something I have never watched 😁

StepSister❤ Grand Master 1year 2,763 Selected Score

Yup yup

Zeggramm Beginner 1year 1 Selected Score

I'd have to agree.

Defender of the void Beginner 1year 1 Selected Score

Takes a bit to get into it but it’s good


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