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QuestionIs it fun?

I didnt play it. I'm not a great gamer. Can I play it?

PKOUK 9mo 411 read


FNscrapes Beginner 9mo 1 Selected Score
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Very unforgiving game but it’s awesome, the boss fights is what makes a lot of players rage quit. I encourage anyone to try it just have patience and take your time

BeZazzle Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score

My advice is find the soulslike game you want to play the most and play that one last, because then you will be used to how unforgiving these games can be.

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corruptedcheese8 Beginner 5mo 1 Selected Score

If you love a difficult game with rpg elements and lots of variety, gives this game a try. You won't regret it

StaiNz On IOS YT Beginner 9mo 3 Selected Score

Darksouls3 is one of the most amazing games ever! And it's difficult

Elfi Beginner 9mo 14 Selected Score

Yeah! It's really difficult though so if you rage easily and don't like dying a lot, it's not the game for you

uwu_Sym Beginner 9mo 0 Selected Score

If you can handle enemies getting harder every time you die, yeah

j0kep0ke Candidate Master 9mo 92 Selected Score

Its hard and you might rage a lot ;)


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