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QuestionYo✌ what's your thoughts on dead by daylight moblie so far?

Jinxer 10mo 102 read


Leo_ondago20 Beginner 10mo 1 Selected Score
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I've never played it before on mobile

gamer295499860 Beginner 10mo 0 Selected Score


latinoheatdr Beginner 10mo 0 Selected Score

The killer queue time is too long and the button layout is a little awkward. I do like the twist they made with the market and leveling system to get perks.

Maddiee_Benzz Candidate Master 10mo 68 Selected Score

Haven't got to download it but I sign up fir the pre registration thingy

BurnsyBoys4911 Beginner 10mo 0 Selected Score

Amazing does anybody want a game of DBD mobile

jazzydakitty Moot Master 10mo 306 Selected Score

It looks good so far.


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