QuestionWhat are your favorite theme songs?

Doesn't matter if it's from TV, movie, game, etc.. or how many, as I have way too many.. which be the original theme for Ducktales, the menu theme for Uncharted 2 (which is technically the theme song), the og pokemon anime theme (since everyone wants to be the very best 😉), Walking Dead, the theme for the canceled Daredevil show, the DBZ theme, and a bunch of others I can't quite remember currently.

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I guess the newer one isn't so bad.. but I'm possibly an old nostalgic fool https://youtu.be/greRWnaQWc4

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Fallout 4, New Vargas, The office, Friends

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Fresh Prince of bel air

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The Digimon Fusion one!!

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Pokemon xyz english opening

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Orwell Soundtrack

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Dragonborn from Skyrim