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QuestionWhat are you opinions on Dauntless?

ImFawnze 8mo 212 read


ObliviousRex Beginner 8mo 15 Selected Score
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Personally I feel like it’s a more accessible version of Monster Hunter. Free and crossplay, so it’s great with friends on Xbox, PS4, and PC. (And supposedly with both mobile and Switch versions on the way as well!)

Meliodas5433 Beginner 7mo 0 Selected Score

It’s a pretty awesome game but I find a certain boss realy hard

prospeezy Beginner 8mo 6 Selected Score

Nope, monster Hunter world spoiled me

Parsa Beginner 8mo 27 Selected Score

Used to be very fun, but got very repetitive and boring. I’d be down to hop back on it though to see how I feel about it again.

fantasy_fish05 Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

Dauntless is very fun and addicting. Once I finish one hunt, I want to go back for more!

Lionheart Beginner 8mo 5 Selected Score

It's pretty good for a free game

XD_StarFighter Beginner 8mo 3 Selected Score

Free version of monster hunter XD

Gazingo Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

It’s pretty fun especially considering it’s a free to play game

CloudZ Hydra Beginner 8mo 1 Selected Score

Too many behemoths got added to quickly

Yames Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

It’s a great game with loads of potential.

StepSister❤ Grand Master 8mo 3,261 Selected Score


ㄒ乇卂ㄥ Beginner 8mo 18 Selected Score

It’s a great free to play! Easy to pick up easy to learn.


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