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QuestionWhat dinosaur should I tame

Lachlanwhyn 4mo 36 read


Bunnelby Beginner 4mo 1 Selected Score
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_ifudini_ Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score

If your just starting I say a parasaur since it has a roar that can scare away dilos and raptors and since it locate enemies

The Milk Man Beginner 3mo 1 Selected Score

It depends on what you want to achieve in harvesting, pvp, travelling or defense but if your looking for harvesting I recommend an Anky or a therizino. For pvp Basilisk, giga, Rex or managamr travelling Quetzal, Pteranodon or Tapejara for defense Allosaurus, Velonosaurus or thylocoleos.

Aidan1888 Beginner 4mo 15 Selected Score

Something that can fly, makes it easy to get around the map and you can build things on top for storage etc...


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