QuestionYou get to play only one game for the rest of your life. What game would you play and why?

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Arex Peakz Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

R6 because i have been playing it since Y3S1 and also it is one of my favorite games of all time

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AbysalDrag0nfish Beginner 1year 5 Selected Score

Well, Undertale is my favorite of all time but i already played it several times, remember the story and stuff so I'd choose something more "fun" that you can mess around in and play continuously. Probably just Minecraft because Imo that never gets old, plus you can mod it adding so much more if you get bored. Just take breaks if you get tired and come back but yea it's a great game

RainNanners Beginner 1year 11 Selected Score

I'd have to go with the entire Borderlands series, as that is what I do usually anyway.

j0kep0ke Candidate Master 1year 92 Selected Score

Singularity. I will be Captain Renko and control the time with the TMD ( TIME MANIPULATION DEVICE ) invented by Dr. Barisov . I will be dragged in a diffrent timeline and change the past because it doesnt affect myself from the present. Katorga 12 is my place

ᎶℍøƧԵ ツ Beginner 1year 2 Selected Score

Destiny 2

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Scavadelic Beginner 1year 3 Selected Score

I would play garrys mod probably, haven’t played in a while but darkrp took up a good chunk of my time back in the day mostly due to it being a different unique experience each time I played.

ᑕᗩᗪᗰIᑌᗰᒪᏋᎶIᏫᑎᗩIᖇᏋ Candidate Master 1year 44 Selected Score

Life is a game so?!?! 🤷🏽‍♂️

jessee chamberlain Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

I would have to elect not to play anymore because i love the variety more than anything

W̶i̶s̶p̶y̶♡ Beginner 1year 1 Selected Score

Um... human fall flat cut I can't die.