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QuestionWhat is the best Nintendo console?

Mine personally is the Switch because the modern something is, the more I like. Although I’m people will disagree with me and go for the classics like NES.

Komplecate 6mo 143 read


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NES the foundation of modern gaming! You guys wouldn’t know the joys of duck hunt!

lclbestgamer Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

The worst is the 3ds

Beaugunns Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

The wii

Rowanoke Beginner 5mo 1 Selected Score

Switch ez

Suicune Fan Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

Gamecube is the best Nintendo console because It had my first Mario Kart game and I played it so much because I really like.

Nevinplayzzz Beginner 6mo 0 Selected Score

I would say the switch and the ds lite because that was my first ever handheld console I had also GameCube because well Smash Melee.

Zyfria Beginner 6mo 0 Selected Score

3DS or 64

AbysalDrag0nfish Beginner 6mo 5 Selected Score

3DS. And I'd say DS but the 3DS can play DS games so it's a plus with everything else. It's got a lot of stuff, very memorable/nostalgic and just a great console, even with it's design and how it's made. Well that's just my opinion however.

Sugoirori_ Candidate Master 6mo 81 Selected Score

GameCube and 64 those were my favorite and still ( still have my GameCube )

FLVCKO Candidate Master 6mo 43 Selected Score

GameCube or 64

ChiefChakra Beginner 6mo 1 Selected Score



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