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QuestionWho actually likes Ava from Borderlands 3?

I personally don't mind her, but I know there has been vast amounts of hate towards her. Since who hasn't done something incredibly stupid as a teen.

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RainNanners 10mo 303 read


Yeet McDuggy Beginner 4mo 2 Selected Score

I liked her part in borderlands 2 ...

Sammit Beginner 4mo 0 Selected Score

Liked her more than Maya

Leolejon12 Beginner 6mo 0 Selected Score

I liked her in the start but now i hate her

NightSpirit1126 Candidate Master 8mo 48 Selected Score

i liked her a bit but she could probably use a bit of work? she's got potential

BluudMuun Beginner 9mo 3 Selected Score

I dont think her charachter was developed enouhg to replace maya ❌🧢

ᝬ݂ܦܦэᝨى Beginner 10mo 1 Selected Score

Meh, kinda of annoying

j0kep0ke Candidate Master 10mo 92 Selected Score

I enjoy everyone as long as I can control them with W,A,S,D xd


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