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QuestionLooking for a duo partner: 2900 arena point. Server:EU xbox/ ps4/ pc

Oscar2233 2mo 20 read


Sagi G. Moot Master 2mo 262 Selected Score

I am not an admin or a Moderator, unfortunately... Some people would ignore your "question", but many people like me see this section of moot only for one thing - Questions and answers. Not Looking for group or advertising. Both of these things have a section of their own on moot. I would ignore it but for the past 4 hours, you spammed this section with your LFG Posts. 🔴 I am not trying to be rude just want this section to be used as it should be thank you🔴 In case you wonder how to post an LFG post follow these steps below:⬇️ If you are looking for players to play with you can Go to the following game subject that you are looking for players to play with and create an LFG post. How do I create a Looking For Group (LFG) Post? Let's say you are looking players to play with on "Rainbow Six Siege" - You create a post under the game subject: "Rainbow Six Siege" - And select in the upper row "LFG" It will take you to a menu that asks you which region do you want the players do be in (Europe, Asia, US, etc...) And you can select and write what you are looking for in the players that you want to play with. For example A microphone, Rank, Level and more It's up to you! Hope this answers your "question" Enjoy! :) Stay safe! And please keep this section clear out if LFG Posts. Thank you!


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