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QuestionWho is ur favourite op in Siege

Mine is Zofia and Caviera

Sausagegaming 2mo 37 read


Sagi G. Moot Master 2mo 262 Selected Score
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HIBANA Versatility is key to what makes Hibana such an effective breacher. Her gadget, the X-KAIROS, fires six explosive pellets that can blow a small rectangular hole through reinforced surfaces. You get three shots, which means you get the choice of creating either one large entry point that your teammates can walk through, a traversable hole that you can vault through, or a letterbox entry point that you can crawl through. If making an entry point is not necessary, the X-KAIROS can also be used to create sightlines in reinforced walls, which force defenders to reposition themselves or watch both the objective and the newly-created window simultaneously. Hope I answered your question :)

forest Beginner 2mo 3 Selected Score

Probably smoke he's been my main for so long probably since chimera and the utility and power he brings to a coordinated team is pretty busted his shotgun is both good at setting up the site and punishing defenders who get to close and his smg is an apsolute beast of a weapon especially in sites with small compact areas that the attackers have to funnel through his smokes can provide visual cover, plant denial, damage and a deterrence to attacking or rushing operators such as ash or iq I'm not awfully good at the game but in the time I've played both operators I would genuinely consider smoke a better 1v1 operator and post plant operator than echo echo is much better for preventing the plant in the first place but smoke is by far one of the best retake operators there is on defence

Stoned As 8ro Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score

My favorite op is capitao because he has a very good gun and his gadget is very useful for stoping rotation holes and for killing anchors that hide in the corners of objective also his smokes are useful for Monty smoke plants

OCE_Kowalski Beginner 2mo 2 Selected Score


Sausagegaming Beginner 2mo 12 Selected Score

bigboof i agree but with the added traps it makes her untouchable, I just like Cavieras wondering silently, like, really cool and helpful so i do agree just not as good

bigboof Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

My favorite op is frost, but not because of her traps but because of her smg, that thing has like zero recoil and the damage on it isn’t that bad, it’s a reflex and suppressor on that sucker and you got a killing machine

Jordan Dorado Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score

My favorite op in siege is vigel because he is a 3 speed his ar is quite decent, I don't like bosg but is okay, stops attackers from getting Intel, both of the secondary weapons are clutch af. He has impacts which can come in handy if case you need to get to sight quickly, honestly in my opinion he is a better roamer than cav bc of his ability. And he looks pretty badass.

Sausagegaming Beginner 2mo 12 Selected Score

I like jäger with holographic also, I just like Caviera a bit more as her interrogation is so good in my opinion

PrepticArc4 Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

Jäger, although he doesn’t have an ACOG anymore, he is still a very good operator who has an extremely useful gadget. He works on every site regardless of game mode and also has a great weapon.


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