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QuestionDoes the new TTS patch notes pisses you off?

If you haven't seen the new TTS patch notes the here they are.. god it triggers me.

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MiniMozzie 2mo 21 read


forest Beginner 2mo 3 Selected Score

This is all just my opinion so don't flame me for it please but I've been playing seige since red crow and these are my humble opinions Buck: I think the claymore is genuinely a good secondary gadget for him to have sure it doesn't synergise very well with the current meta but now he has the ability to open up sites and watch his back for himself this will be fantastic on maps like outback and kafe as they are both roamed heavy and defender sided but I also think he should instead have frags OR ckaymores nit claymores and flashes Tcsg: I did think some small form of a nerf while I also think this is a bit extreme I think maybe a range reduction or ammo nerf would have been fine with some small recoil changes but a damage change if that significance is a bit silly Ying- Don't even get me started on how much this change angers me on console ying is an spoiler monster and adding back smokes with an additional set of flash bangs is just adding fuel to an already raging fire Mozzie- should definitely get his shotgun back it complemented his play style and kit very nicely and I don't see a point in braking it away


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