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QuestionWhat is the Most Underrated Thing about Pokemon?

In my opinion, the elemental monkeys; Simisage, Simisear(especially) and Simipour, are very underrated for having clever origins and design concepts. This just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover.

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I agree with you I personally love the elemental monkeys especially Simisear it's my favorite fire type but a lot of people hate it

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The monkeys definetly I mean they literally have 2 origin stories each like how Simisage is supposed to be speak no evil, yet he's based off of some sort of gangster known for talking trash and riding loud bikes Simisear is supposed to be hear no evil yet is based off a gyaru, who are well known for gossiping to eachother, and Simipour is supposed to be see no evil, i forgot what changed about this monkey, but I know something did, I can't seem to remember though

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Their name

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Castform in general

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How bad the game is

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Most newer players don't know about the oh Pokemon like Arceus zygarde xerneas Rishiram and more


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