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QuestionGetting ArchWing is bull s**t

Ok tell me this for those who play Warframe on any console. Is getting an Archwing in the game is the waste of time to get You ha.ve to reach rank mastery 5 and get all the ingredients to make the archwing Make your own dojo so you get a Tenno Lab to make the ArchWing Launch Segment. You have to wait 3 F**KING DAYS until the launch segment is down the you go to yoir foundry make the dam Archwing and its done now you fly free roam the f**k you want. Like come on it would be very easy to get the launch segment in the market without getting to any rank level for you just get the dam thing. You get what i am saying?

Kross The Impact 7mo 130 read


jazzydakitty Moot Master 7mo 303 Selected Score
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Yeah, I do get. I remember when I had to deal with that sh*t.

xblitzen619x Beginner 1mo 2 Selected Score

Plus you get archwing but not archwing weapons and to get archwing weapons in free roam is a whole nother grind.. A tad bit annoying yes..

Trecklerzzz Beginner 4mo 0 Selected Score

I just joined a clan tbh. The archwing is not that necessary if you're grinding for things that can earn you platinum. Although if you are rooting for the arbitration then there's no shortcut to it. The building time is necessary because it is what makes (highly subjective) me come back to play the game. As soon as you min max weapons and frames, it tends to get a whole lot boring. I suggest appreciate the grind while it's still there.


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