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Questionwhat’s the next defender i should get?

i recently started playing again but i wanna change my main from frost to one of the newer ones, i was thinking valk but does anyone have any suggestions of better ones?

atokadhhhu 6d 24 read


EIPPIRT CGO Beginner 6d 3 Selected Score
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I would say valk because she is useful to the team with intel and her mpx is amazing.

azodneM wehttaM Beginner 5d 0 Selected Score

I would personally say Lesion cause the opponents speed is limited and they have to take out the GU before there injured/knocked.

918relur_motnahP Beginner 5d 0 Selected Score

I would say ella here me out her mines are useful and IQ cant counter them really well and she has good guns

6RreileN Beginner 5d 0 Selected Score

Bandit in my eyes is the best but if you want a good gun and to roam around vigil

llah yeroC Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

I’d say alibi as she is highly useful if you put her holograms in the right location plus her shotgun is automatic and very good even her smgs recoil is easy to control

494182233remag Beginner 6d 1 Selected Score



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