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Just downloaded Rainbow six siege and coming from cod, it’s obviously a very different game. Has anyone got any tips to help with aiming and recoil? I noticed a lot more experienced players seem to have their sensitivity settings and recoil control on lock.

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Lynx Cryptic Beginner 9d 1 Selected Score
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Add me @vCryptic7147 and ill help if on Xbox

Decoy Aztec Beginner 8d 1 Selected Score

Ok so I'ma go through the starting steps - 1. Get a few mains on attack and defense 2. Get the right setup with those ops that you like 3. Do some terrorist hunt, it helps with aim and recoil 4. Get some friends to play with you, and have some fun. The more you play the better you get. All you have to do is keep playing until your happy with your skill. That's what I would say.

Conan Pottle Beginner 8d 0 Selected Score

I need help

Shadow_420BLAZE Beginner 9d 2 Selected Score

Go to t hunt and practice one of the best ways is to use a vertical grip and a muzzle brake you might still have a little bit of recoil but it will reduce it if you have any other questions about the game you can message me

Megashock360 Beginner 9d 0 Selected Score

Go onto t-hunt and just slightly adjust your sensitivity until you feel comfortable and then try and flick while ads and then slightly adjust that sensitivity and then you should be good


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