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QuestionWhat is your favourite strategy to use in competitive?

For example, mine is G-Max Coalossal's Steam Engine & Weakness Policy, both activated by Surf

OwlCatNotImportant 2mo 55 read


VlIan Beginner 24d 1 Selected Score

I have two ways of Playing with a theme The rainy day bois: - Vaporeon with water absorb, surf, rain dance, muddy water and blizzard - Lapras with the same set as Vaporeon - Dracovish with a choice item, Water absorb, and ONLY knows fishious rend and then I add in whichever pokémon I feel like there's also the Sandstrom Crusaders: - Tyranitar with stealth rock, earthquake, crunch, and sandstorm - Ferrothorn with Curse, Leech seed, protect and gyro ball - Excadrill with Shadow claw, earthquake, rock slide and any steel move I choose - Greninja with Protean, Rock slide, Spikes, Acrobatics and Hydro pump and then any Rock, Steel or Ground type of my choosing

BirdGoatFish Beginner 2mo 2 Selected Score

Pyukumuku with... Recover Toxic Soak (for steel,poison, and ghost types) Counter

TailoZ Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score

I just go with a bulky and strong team that has almost no weaknesses like the water fire and grass combo but I’m not to far into the game yet I don’t play Pokémon games with that much interest


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