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New Merchant Guild

A new guild built on the basis of Trading, Selling, the hole Shazam, ⭐️Be able to interact well with people ⭐️block and report bots ⭐️Please try and be active at least 30min every day or two, it isn’t required though ⭐️Must have a high gathering in one or more skills lvl30+ this includes(Fletching, Runecrafting, Smelting, Mining, fishing woodcutting, log-burning, ⚡️Help new clan members get accustomed to their new surroundings be ready to talk, 🔥Discord is Highly Recommended but will not be forced/required[Ill post link to it once I have it set up] 💥Ranks will be determined by the gold you receive through being apart of the guild... (as a merchant guild small purchases >50k will be bought by the guild. I.E if you can pitch in to help please do so) 🌟 Don’t be afraid to ask for help either asking for help in this game isn’t bad just don’t leech off of people, if it gradually comes to someone giving you something ask to give something else in return. More importantly about pvp The guild will have a few if not more people that explore the harsh wilderness (as a guild rule 3-4 people need to be out at once) if someone asks if a pvper can go with them and they refuse and they end up getting pked it is up to the guild to replace their lost stuff, we stick together and will be one until you decide to split off. There will be no designated cape because who does that pshh To join type this into join clan and become apart of the [Thmg] **The Hallowed Merchants Guild**

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