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Vicar Amelia - Boss Fight Review

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The boss fight against the Vicar was my first serious obstactle I actually struggled getting past. Of course neither Gascoigne nor the blood-starved beast were easy. However the significant difference was that both of the bosses allowed me to stay within my comfort zone which consisted of locking onto the target and spamming parries whenever possible. The Vicar‘s move set however seemed to perfectly counter my attack and defense patterns, leaving me terribly exposed to her attacks and ultimately pushing me out of my comfort zone resulting in a steep learning curve which helped me rethink my playstyle and eventually allowed me to improve as a player!

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The Vicar‘s attack set is the most versatile in the game - at least so far. It consists of a defensive range attack (a whirl wind caused by her slamming against the ground), a offensive range attack (she leaps forward to close a large distance between you and her) as well as several offensive close-range attacks, that will always keep you on your toes while attacking her. Her most unique ability allows her to heal over a short period of time restoring about 20% of her health if not interrupted.

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I realized very soon that my usual strategy of playing passive, parrying attacks and going for the visceral won‘t work here, simply because her massive strength denies any parry attempts. For the first time I learned that locking onto the target horribly limits your mobility, which in this case often ends in fatal errors. The following attempts to fight the Vicar without the lock-on-target helped me understand a lot more about my own move set, than ever before! In the end I realized that with every attempt of beating the vicar I improved as a player as well.

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As a example I used to struggle a lot with the church giants before, however once I learned to approach a combat without locking on the enemies I seemed to be alot better at beating the church giants as well! As for strategy I once again stocked up on fire paper and molotovs. The secret to success seemed to be to attack from behind, although she could counter with a quick turnaround, in which case you should take to your heels and roll out of her range of attacks. All that of course is only possible when NOT being locked on target so this is absolutely a must for this fight.

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Her healing technically can be countered by an item called numbing mist, however I was really sad to see that once again molotovs worked far to well. Not only do they interrupt the healing animation, but they deal damage on top which really made it to easy to punish her. In the end the vicar is a state of the art boss, which I‘d really hope to see more of in the future. I‘d like to move away from ranking her difficulty here, of course she was terribly difficult to beat, but what counts far more for me here is the fact that the vicar was the only boss that taught me how to get better in Bloodborne and I’m confident that the lessons I learned from her will help me with the next bosses to come. Therefore I‘d rate her 9.5/10. I‘d be a 10/10 but the fact that molotovs once again works far to well, although there was a unique item that appeared to be added just for this boss fight, makes no sense and is really unfortunate.

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(This doggo nailed the Vicar Amelia cosplay☝🏻😅)

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