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Blood-starved Beast - Boss Fight Review

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So after defeating Gascoigne I proceeded to the one boss fight that I‘ve prepared myself the most for. A fun fact besides the gameplay of a guy dying infinitely to the blood-starved beast was what for some reason got me into this game, so I kinda already knew it‘s gonna be tough.

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Funnily enough 50% of the difficulty of that boss fight was to actually get there in the first place because next to all the werewolfs and other deadly beasts you met on the way to the arena, there was that guy named Djura, a forsaken hunter that camped on top of a clock tower with a gatlin gun instantly shooting you the second you dared stepping away from your cover. I was almost giving up when I realized there was actually a short cut that allowed you to avoid his gatlin fire as well as skip 50% of the way to the arena. Wow!

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The actual fight with the beast was quite decent. Antidotes to counter its poison are a most have but as for all "true beasts" molotovs as well as fire paper were what made the clear difference. In the end it comes down to your dodging skills because their attacks are brutal if not dodged properly. After all there was one attack you could pary and that almost worked to easily - at least for me. I‘d give the fight a 6/10 because after all the effort it wasn‘t really any harder than killing Gascoigne. The arena was once again really well-structured. Pretty simple kept with a straight hallway with several columns at each side incase you need to seek cover. I‘d give it a 9/10 as well!

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    Well done on these reviews, you really go out of your way to make these, the community appreciates them.