Who wants to boost blood echos?

You can go first just inv to party

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Bloodborne's Atmosphere

Anyone think that this games grotesque/beautiful vibe are what made it so interesting to play?

LV.6 Nomad 10mo

Need help

Trying to beat the game been stuck in the same place for months now can anyone help me just beat the game

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Hunting bosses be like

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The best Lady Maria cosplay I've seen so far
At first, I said to myself, "What a well-made CGI picture." Then I looked at the title, saying, "A cosplay of Lady Maria from Bloodborne." I was just too amazed not to share it here.

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If anyone needs any help or just wants to coop or pvp add me @fale6ami

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Scooby doo x bloodbourne

I find this hilarious and badass

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Easter eggs from Déraciné have nothing to do with a Bloodborne sequel.

宮崎氏: 憶測を呼んでしまって申し訳ないのですが,あれは純粋に悪戯です。 私も,また幾人かのスタッフもそうですが,Bloodborneというタイトルが好きなので……けれど,やりすぎたかもしれません。反省点のひとつです。
Hidetaka Miyazaki: I apologize for your misunderstanding. The easter eggs from Déraciné were included purely for fun. Many staff members including myself love Bloodborne, but with remorse, I think we went too far this time.
Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed so! I knew Bloodborne 2 wasn't going to come out in the near future but damn😐 This doesn't mean that they're not working on a sequel for Bloodborne, but I do feel kinda disappointed😥

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Really outstanding job this game is the best everybody should start playing it I don’t know why everybody is not playing at everybody should play it

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Hi I have found Rom but I am afraid of spiders I need at least 1 person to take my controler and you will have help fighting him does anyone want to help ?

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Slaying boiiii come watch!!

I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at

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Come watch me play some bloodborne!!

I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at

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Undone by the blood

Add me on ps4 Loveismyname12

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"Once more unto the breach."

LV.20 Nightmare 1year

New at Bloodborne

Not very good but if u wanna coop on ps4 my gmtg is: Xx8balxX

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Looking for help

I need help to fight undead giant

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Hello blood borne is my life

I some how beat lady Maria

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Lets play togather

Join me in the name of boredom

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This water is far too deep

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Every damn weekend as a Souls Series fan

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THIS IS HEARTFELT!! Come join me in a journey to beat the bosses.

Youtality on ps4

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Who wanna help a newbie on a boss ?

So I am stuck on blood starved beast and I want help (tips or whatever) but I don't have ps+ so if you wanna help on that front that could be a massive help as well. Look I'm just a gamer trying to get help please ?

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8 bit gifs of Bloodborne bosses

Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Celestial Emissary
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Mergo's Wet Nurse
Moon Presence
Orphan of Kos
*The credit goes to whoever made these. 👍

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If on ps4 I could use some help

Hey I need help on blood born since I am struggling with a boss

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Had to drop this.


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New Mod

I am now a mod for this lounge. If you want to talk then you can message me. Have fun and Happy Mooting

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Bloodborne 2 or no?

I am curious,
Would you rather see an eventual Bloodborne 2, or should FROM leave it the way it is?

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"The nightmare swirls and churns unending."

LV.20 Nightmare 1year


Can someone walk me throw the game plz

LV.2 Lurker 1year

What new game+ is everyone on?

Put it down below, I haven’t played in awhile but I’m on 3 if I remember correctly

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