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Aug 9, 2019, 07:07 AM 320 read

Spyro DS

I remember playing Spyro on the DS and at first, I used to Rage Quit so much it was practically second nature to do so. Spyro on the other hand I used to think of him as a purple spike-ball. He was cute, but also tricky to understand. However, I grew to like the game and him as a character. Eventually, I gave up on the Rage Quitting. Spyro itself is a wonderful game to play for hours upon hours. If they had a PC or Xbox version or mobile, I’d play for multiple days with breaks so that I can play other games. The days of Spyro DS however were so much simpler and fun. #DontRageQuitAnyGames

Spyro: General - Spyro DS  image 2

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