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Dec 21, 2020, 11:14 AM 339 read

[FC][Discord]Winter is Comming[Malboro][FC house]

WHO WE ARE   Winter Clan is a large gaming community spanning over 20+ games on 4 major consoles in a discord with well over 11,000 members, Final Fantasy XIV has been a clan game for a number of years, and we have numerous members over both servers.   For over 20 years Winter have been a family united by a love of online gaming and the social aspects that come with it on a number of platforms which include the latest AAA titles and others such as Tabletop Simulator, Dungeons and Dragons & Star Wars: The Old Republic.   -We do not play Fortnite in this clan.-   REQUIREMENTS   We have a 16+ philosophy and would prefer our members to have access to a Microphone or headset, aside from this requirement we have no other’s, however should you wish to join and want to move up the Clan chat ranks being active in our Discord will be required.   Final Fantasy XIV   We have relocated to Malboro recently, and run Events from Leveling to raid content. We hold a weekly meeting getting all servers together for a little chat about what they want to see in the future, any issues they may have and anything they want to run, or just to hang out and chat.   WHAT WE DO/HAVE   ~ Minimum of 3 events per week (on both servers), Social, Raiding and Crafting. ~ Everyone welcome! No skill/combat requirements. ~ Ranks based on Discord activity and length of time in the clan. ~ Raid and Job Teaching. ~ Extremely active discord with over 20 other games of which you may freely participate in ~ FC House in Shirogane, Regular FC buff rotation including crafting and gathering days.   INTERESTED?   If you are interested in joining Winter Clan please send me a DM on Discord: Pip383#0607 and I will send you an invite to our server, a link to our professional website and get you set up into our FFXIV FC(s).   Alternatively you can join our discord via the following link and get set up from there! - https://discord.gg/8bsDX58

Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you soon! ~ Pip383    

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  • Btrflyprncezz LV.3 Lurker Dec 31, 2020, 04:06 AM

    Highly recommended community, non-toxic, very social, and active!