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Clichés You Need to Stop Using in Your College Admissions Essay


College admissions season is a time of year when clichés come out in full force. From “admissions are an honour and privilege” to “I am the perfect student for your school,” these phrases are all too common.   But here’s the thing: College admissions officers don’t want perfect students. They want students who will contribute to their institution in some way. And that means being honest and vulnerable. So, if you want to get into a great college, stop using these clichéd phrases in your admissions essay.   To achieve this goal, you can visit and hire essay writers to create a totally original admissions essay devoid of any cliches.   Cliché: I Am a Natural Leader   The cliche "I am a natural leader" is one that you should stop using in your college admissions essay. This statement implies that you are already an excellent leader and don't need to learn how to be one. Instead, focus on describing how you have led or participated in leadership roles in your past experiences.   Additionally, make sure to showcase how you can contribute to the organization you want to attend and why being a part of the campus community would be beneficial for you.   Cliché: I Will be an Excellent Role Model for My Fellow Students   This cliché is false because no one is a perfect role model, and it's not helpful to rely on someone else to set an example for you. It's also easy to fall into bad habits if you're not constantly trying to improve yourself.   Being a good role model means being someone your students can look up to, but it doesn't mean that you have to be perfect. Let them know that you're working hard to learn and grow, and offer your guidance when needed.   Cliché: You've Always Been a Hard Worker   When writing your admissions essay, never use the line that you are a hard worker. Instead, try to showcase your hard-working capabilities by an example from your life. The example may or may not be in an academic context.   Cliché: You Have the Perfect SAT Score and GPA   Clichés like "you have the perfect SAT score and GPA" can be really misleading when it comes to your admissions chances. Sure, having a great SAT or GPA can definitely help you stand out from the crowd, but there are many other factors that play into admissions decisions.   Make sure you explain how your unique background and experiences make you the perfect candidate for this school. Also, don't forget to focus on how you plan to contribute to the campus community – this will be important in showing why you're a good fit for the school.   Admissions Officers Want to Read Your Essay, Not A Resume   Admissions officers want to read your essay, not a resume. They want to know what makes you unique and why you should be admitted to their college. Include specific examples of why you would be a good fit for the school. Stay creative and use examples from your life that illustrate why you would be a good fit for the school.   Essays can also focus on the admissions committee's goals for the school. Explain how your academic skills and experiences match up with the school's interests and goals.   Be sure to mention any extracurricular activities or accomplishments that demonstrate your involvement and commitment to your community or field of study. Make sure to showcase your writing skills by including effective sentence structure, vivid details, and thoughtful ideas.   While intelligence undoubtedly plays a role in who gets accepted to colleges, claiming that being smart guarantees admission is not only arrogant but also inaccurate – there are many other factors that go into the decision-making process, such as extracurricular involvement and community service contributions.   Be sure to highlight why your intellect matters to you and how it will benefit yourself and your future career path at the university you’re applying to.    

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