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Tips to Become a Successful live Game Streamer

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Feeling confident in front of the camera? Good at playing games? This means that you have met the absolute requirements to become a live game streamer.   Table of Contents What is a Game Streamer? Tips to Become a Successful live Game Streamer Prepare Tools Focus On One Game Create a Consistent Schedule Creating Unique Characteristics Quality Number 1, Quantity Number 2   <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">What is a Game Streamer?</font></font> They are people who play games while live streaming on Youtube or Twitch. There are already many gamers who can be successful by means of live streaming games , one example is Aka Ninja.   <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Tips to Become a Successful live Game Streamer</font></font> Because in this age of technology, a gamer can no longer be underestimated. Because many of them are successful thanks to playing games. One way is to become a game streamer . Besides being able to broadcast live broadcasts when you play games, you can also earn money from these activities.   Want it like that? Read the tips below, yes!   Prepare Tools Don’t be immediately tempted by the money that has been earned by professional game streamers . They can do that because of effort and capital. So the first step to becoming a game streamer is having the right equipment.   The equipment includes a gaming computer/laptop, lighting , HD camera or webcam , and make sure you have fast internet speed for uploading and downloading , to other equipment that can support your streaming process .   Even though I say you have to invest, that doesn’t mean you have to buy high-end equipment . Remember, adjust the equipment to your budget. When PewDiePie first appeared, he only used a regular webcam .   Read More:-

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